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Here’s what some of our clients have to say

"Like most other buyers of the Spinshot, I spent hours researching every tennis ball machine I could find before making my decision. Initially, what sold me on the Spinshot was its heavy duty construction (mainly metal), compact size, portability (it has a great luggage retractable handle), ball capacity, and the wifi connectivity and mobile phone app to control the unit. I also noticed the universally positive reviews about Spinshot’s customer service. Then, when I received the unit (the Plus model), my expectations were totally met if not exceeded. What a great machine."

“It is very compact, light, easy to transport.  When compared to the Lobster Elite 1 it has the same functionalities but costs 35% less. ” Pawel Szafran, Tennis Training Expert

“I looked at several brands of ball machines before making this purchase. Spinshot seemed to me the best made and best value compared to what is out there. I like the fact that the body of the machine is metal rather than plastic and all of the features I need are included at a reasonable price.” Myriam Sirota, Tennis Coach

"For me the manual mode of the Spinshot Plus machine does what a tennis ball machine should do – concentrate on one shot at a time – I’ve been using it to improve my transitional game (approach shot, put-aways, volleys, smashes) and anything else that happens to be a weakness in my game. You can also then hit the oscillator to mix it up and create a more realistic rally”. Jonathan Swain


"I have never used another tennis ball machine, but find it hard to believe there is a better one on the market in this price range. It worked flawlessly out of the box, and I especially like the ability to control from my phone (I have an Android phone; downloaded the app from Spinshot's website, and it works great). Also, I purchased with the AC power option and battery so I can use on any courts regardless of power availability. If you are a novice player looking to learn, an experienced player wanting to enhance your game, or an instructor, this machine has the ability to meet your needs. Lastly, the company is great to work with. They are very helpful both pre- and post-sale."