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Why should I buy a tennis ball machine?

Tennis ball machines are the ideal, reliable partner for beginners and experts alike and they're available whenever you are. Beginners benefit from the repetition, precision, and consistency of ball machines.

The repetition develops basic skills and muscle memory - essential building blocks for a developing game. More advanced players can take advantage of a long list of available features. Spins, strokes, high speeds, programs, randomisation, and a host of other specific attributes are designed to challenge the skills of even the game's elite athletes.

What is the difference between the Plus-2 and the Player machines?

The main difference between the Plus-2 and the Player is the functionality of the control panel. 

The Plus-2 offers five more oscillation modes than the Player.  These oscillation settings are displayed on the control panel.  These oscillation modes are:

  • Random Horizontal Oscillation
  • 2-Line Oscillation
  • Vertical Oscillation
  • Random Horizontal and Vertical Oscillation 
  • 2-Line Horizontal and Vertical Oscillation

Both the Player and the Plus-2 have 12 customisable drills. These can be edited via the Drill Maker app on your phone. The Drill Maker app also serves as the remote control. 

The Plus-2 allows you to select and play drills using the control panel and the oscillation modes mentioned above. This is great for tennis players who don't want to use their phone / the Drill Maker app every time they want to use the machine. On the Plus-2 control panel you can select which oscillation mode you want to play and then set the parameters of the balls (speed, spin, feed rate, height) using the control panel.

What is random oscillation?

Random oscillation is where the tennis ball machine replicates a match situation by shooting balls randomly around the court. This allows a player to focus on footwork, fitness and practice shots in a more realistic environment.

Can I use any type of tennis balls in a tennis ball machine?

Most types of balls can be used in a Spinshot ball machine. Pressureless balls are recommended for their consistent bounce and longevity. The average person will get 1 - 2 years out of pressureless balls (depends on court surface, amount of usage). The only reason you have to replace them is when they lose their felt.

Regular tennis balls (the ones that come in a can) are pressurised. They can be used in Spinshot machines but they will not provide consistent shots. After a couple of days of hitting they are considerably flatter and will not travel as far as a new ball. If you put these old balls into the tennis ball machine, you will get varying results. For example, if you set the tennis ball machine to hit the baseline every time, you won't be able to achieve this because each ball will have a different pressure. When a flat ball comes out it will hit the net, and when a new ball comes out it will go over the baseline. To avoid this, pressureless balls are the answer. These balls have been designed without using pressurised air. This means that the balls will have the same bounce & shape for years to come. 

You should avoid oversized balls like red dot balls. The balls are designed for kids making them easier to hit. They will not fit into the chamber of a ball machine which will cause the machine to jam.

What court surfaces can I use a Spinshot machine on?

We have many customers that use our Spinshot machines on synthetic grass courts and there is no problem with this surface. Our machines work on all court surfaces. To keep your machine in the best condition when playing on artificial turf it is best to simply shake off as much sand as possible from the balls before tipping them back into the machine’s ball hopper. Do this by collecting the balls into a wire basket or any container without a solid base, and then give them a good shake to remove the sand. If you do find that excess sand is getting into the machine it's can be easily vacuumed out. 

Why do some Android phones have connection issues to the Drill Maker app?

Check the points below to make sure you can get a stable WIFI connection when using the Drill Maker app.
  • Turn on location services
  • Trust the location of the tennis court (if there is such setting on your phone)
  • Turn off smart network switching option (if there is such setting on your phone)
  • Turn off the VPN