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Replacing the 4 pin power switch

Repair instructions - Replacing the 4 pin power switch

We recommend taking a few photos of the back of the control panel before you start unplugging the cables. This makes it easy to remember which cables goes where!

Replacing the power switch

  1. Disconnect the battery from the machine
  2. Unscrew the control panel 
  3. Unplug the four terminals from the power switch - either mark the cables or take a photo so it is easy to remember where each one is connected.
  4. Press the release clips on either side of the back of faulty power switch and push the switch out
  5. Press the new power switch into place 
  6. Reconnect the terminals on the new switch

Install power switch protector card 

To avoid the switch part getting oxidized, we have designed a small protector card (shown on the right). 

It needs to be connected per the photo below (shown on the left).

  1. Orient the panel so the switch is top right as per the photo below
  2. From the power switch - unplug 3 terminals leaving only the bottom left terminal attached
  3. Install the protector card as illustrated below: 
    connect cable 1 to connection point A
    connect cable 2 to connection point B
    connect cable 3 to connection point C
  4. The remaining disconnected wires need to be taped as they are no longer required with this new part.
  5. Put the control panel back in place and reconnect the battery